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Regular play like

vertical leap, air flip, fall into the sponge pool, those are the cool expression of sports experts. in addition, the sponge pool also equipped with rock climbing area, walking flat belt, hanging rope, etc., so that player fully enjoy the excitement and excitement of falling from the air into the foam ocean.


Materials are non-toxic and environmental friendly, avoiding the use of materials containing formaldehyde and other toxic substances. The materials used should have a certain degree of stability to avoid the generation of pollutants due to changes in the external environment, such as temperature and humidity, during the operation of the park.

2.Trampoline park safety instructions sign, should be posted in the trampoline hall entrance conspicuous, and in the activity area in each appropriate range, are posted a safety instructions sign.

3.Timely remind and stop the trampoline park players do not comply with the rules of prevention behavior

4.All staff, patrol duty in the entire trampoline park range, do a good job of security clearance.

Before entering the sponge pool need to confirm whether there are people in the pool, especially children, need to wait for each other ashore before entering

Forbidden to jump into the sponge pool in a diving position, once the head down, it is too late to cushion, very dangerous.


Sponge pool regularly clean up the bottom of foreign objects, 

Replace the damaged sponge cubes

Personalen i trampolinparken bör regelbundet underhålla och testa all nöjesutrustning, och den bör regelbundet underhållas enligt underhållskoden, och eventuella problem eller skador som upptäcks bör repareras och bytas ut i tid.

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